Ren in Marijuana
December 20, 2019

Adverse Consequences of Marijuana Use on the Rise in States that Legalized

Just about everything having to do with marijuana is seen as highly controversial. As states continue to legalize its use for recreational purposes, we are beginning to see growing evidence that not all is as it seems. Using marijuana has consequences and, legal or not, the number of individuals affected by those consequences is growing.


Karen Hadley in Drug Abuse Information
December 7, 2019

As Demand for Illicit Substances Grows, Drug Distribution Networks Continue to Evolve

When my parents and grandparents were growing up, there were only a couple of drugs readily available: alcohol and tobacco. Some people slipped into alcoholism and others may have ruined their health by smoking too much and too long.


Ren in Drug Education
July 29, 2019

Taking a Look at Drug Education—No One Can Avoid Responsibility

Drug and alcohol addiction is tearing our society apart, creating a severe struggle and hardship for millions of American families. While teens and young adults as a demographic do not experiment with hard drugs to the same degree that grown adults do, when this does happen, the effect is devastating. Short of a death in the family, I think it would be hard to find a familial crisis or event that would cause as much grief and trauma as that of a son or daughter succumbing to drug and alcohol addiction.