Editorial Staff in Family Resources
August 10, 2023

What Enabling an Addict Looks Like: Ten Signs You’re Enabling Your Loved One

People who have a family member or loved one addicted to drugs and alcohol usually want to do everything they can to help that person get better, to assist them in breaking free from addiction and achieving a healthy, substance-free life.


Ren in Dealing with Addiction
March 19, 2019

Friends and Addiction—How to Help

One of the most common questions I hear is, “How can I help my friend with their drug habit?“ To people who don’t use drugs and alcohol, a substance abuse addiction can seem strange and confusing. Why would your friend continue to use a substance that was harmful to them? Why would they keep putting that concoction of chemicals into their body when it might kill them?


Karen Hadley in Dealing with Addiction
December 11, 2018

Can You Really Help an Addict Without Enabling Them?

Repeated acts of enabling actually prevent many people from going to rehab even when that is the only thing that will save their lives. Is there any way to get people to stop enabling? On a winter’s evening, a middle-aged woman plucked up her courage and walked into the backyard of her home.