Ren in Opioid Crisis
July 28, 2021

Opioid Abuse Surged During the Pandemic – Treatment is the Answer for Those Now Addicted

There is compelling evidence that suggests opioid addiction and overdose rates soared during the Covid-19 pandemic. Was this a direct result of Covid-19? Or was it a continuation of America’s opioid addiction epidemic?


Ren in Drug information
December 22, 2020

Drug and Alcohol Risk and Cold Weather

Not only do people tend to drink and do drugs more during the colder months, but doing so has increased risk factors. What are these risk factors? And what can the family members of addicts do to help their loved ones get better and avoid risk?


Ren in Health risks
July 8, 2020

New Mothers Increasingly Prescribed High-Strength Painkillers, Many with Harmful Effects

Mothers should seek out safe, effective, and sensible healthcare services before, during, and after their pregnancy. Sadly, more and more new mothers are being put on potentially addictive opioid painkillers postpartum. Why is this wrong? And what can moms do to treat postpartum pain without resorting to painkillers?


Ren in Drug Education
October 1, 2019

Most Opioid Pill Addicts Still Receive Opioid Prescriptions Following an Overdose

Addiction is the health crisis of the century for millions of Americans and their families. A cursory examination of the addiction epidemic timeline reveals that pharmaceutical opioids played a huge role in the creation of the epidemic.


Many Doctors Are Trained to Reach for Medication First and Solutions Second

The field of medicine is an important profession where lives hang in the balance on a daily basis. It is assumed by nearly everyone without a medical degree that the physician always knows best. We are hesitant to press the doctor whom we believe to hold our lives in their hands with questions relating to the type of care they are providing…


Karen Hadley in Prescription drugs
March 5, 2019

2019: Caring for Women Must Include Reversing Losses to Overdoses

Ensuring that women in the United States and around the world receive equal protection must also include reversing our current radical increases in female overdose deaths.


Karen Hadley in Addiction
December 14, 2016

As Opioid Use Increases, More Newborns Suffer

A new study reveals the rapidly increasing number of newborns struggling with sickness and discomfort when they are no longer exposed to the opioids their mothers were consuming.