The Scope of Addiction in Europe

International news media often focuses on the drug problem in North America. But what about the drug problem in Europe? IS there a drug problem in Europe? And if so, what are European countries doing to address the crisis? What do they need to do more?


Karen Hadley in Synthetic drugs
December 6, 2019

Why Synthetic Drugs Might be the Deadliest, Most Damaging Drugs in the World

With so much focus on the harm coming from opioids, it would be easy to overlook the deadly threat coming from synthetics. This ever-changing list of drugs can wreak havoc among drug users who might not even know what chemical they are buying.


Drugs in Our Bodies Become Drugs in Our Water

When people take drugs, they eventually eliminate traces of those drug through the body’s waste products. Traces of these drugs in our water supplies give us an index to the quantity of drug use going on.


Did Portugal Really Legalize All Drugs?

I hear people say: “America should legalize all drugs because Portugal did it and everything was fine.” Actually, that’s not true. It’s time to look at exactly what Portugal did in relation to their drug problem and what the result was.