Ren in National News
August 31, 2023

Drugged Driving in America

An examination of recent data regarding drugged driving in the US shows the problem has worsened. And unlike drunk driving, public health officials and law enforcement have yet to establish effective protocols for preventing drugged driving.


Ren in Drug Use
April 28, 2022

Drunk and High, The Worst Combination Possible for Getting Behind the Wheel

In the field of substance abuse, three connected factors are setting the stage for serious harm on America’s roads.


Ren in Alcohol
August 17, 2020

Drunk Driving And Its Tragic Effects

One of the primary goals of any society should be the preservation of life. In some respects, this can be difficult and challenging (as in the case of finding a cure for aggressive cancers, for example). But other causes of death could be easily prevented. To this end, efforts could be made that would drastically reduce drunk driving fatalities.


Karen Hadley in Marijuana
February 25, 2020

The Great Controversy: Is There Really a Connection Between Marijuana Use and Traffic Accidents?

It can be hard to get a straight answer to this question. We'll look at some of the effects of pot and some of the data on traffic accidents and you can decide.


Ren in Alcohol Abuse
February 18, 2020

Safe Driving – The Importance of Getting There Alive

It's important to learn the truth about drunk and drugged driving, the harm involved, what precipitates such decisions, and what people can do to prevent the lethal phenomena of under-the-influence driving.


Karen Hadley in Drug Use
February 11, 2019

Youth Too Often Choose to Ride with Impaired Drivers, Not Realizing They Risk Their Lives

Peer pressure can make teens and young adults feel compelled to go along with dangerous stunts. They might not realize that getting in the car with an impaired driver could be one of the most dangerous stunts of all.


Karen Hadley in Impaired driving
May 13, 2017

In Fatal Traffic Accidents, More Drivers Are Drugged Than Drunk

A new report reveals that for the first time, a higher number of drivers who recently died in car crashes were drugged than were drunk. Forty-three percent of these drivers had used a legal or illegal drug compared to 37% who exceeded the legal limit for alcohol.


Sue Birkenshaw in Alcohol Addiction
January 30, 2012

How Much Does Alcoholism Contribute to Traffic Fatalities?

It’s a good guess that pretty much everyone knows that drunk drivers are dangerous to themselves and everyone in their environments. Amazingly, this doesn’t stop tens of thousands of people each year from driving off in their cars when they have had too much to drink.