Karen in Effects on children
September 17, 2021

Pregnancy, Drugs and Alcohol: Avoiding Drug-Related Birth Defects

When a pregnant woman uses illicit drugs, drinks alcohol or misuses prescription drugs, they immediately increase the risk of birth defects. That’s why it’s vital to help pregnant women and women of child-bearing age find an effective rehab program as soon as possible. We’ll take a look at some of the risks.


Ren in Alcohol Abuse
July 29, 2021

Women Now Drink Just as Much as Men, Why is This?

Recent findings now reveal that women in America drink just as much alcohol as men do, effectively closing the traditional alcohol consumption gap that used to exist between women and men. Why has this occurred?


Ren in Alcohol
December 31, 2019

Why is Binge Drinking on the Rise for Women?

Although men still misuse alcohol at a rate higher than women, new research indicates that the gap is closing. A study published in PLOS Medicine and reported on in U.S. News brought the spotlight onto this concerning issue.


Karen in Alcohol
December 12, 2018

Will “Normalizing” Alcohol Use Among Women Create More Problem Drinkers?

It’s not hard to see plenty of signs that alcohol consumption —even excessive consumption—among women is being normalized. Taken one at a time, these signs may not be startling. But step back and look at the bigger picture and things look a little more sinister.