Karen Hadley in Health risks
March 20, 2023

Drug Abuse and the Devastating Birth Defects It May Cause

It’s tragic every time a person loses their health and sobriety to drug addiction. But it is much more tragic when a tiny baby is born with impairments as a result of its exposure to those drugs. They may suffer their whole lives, and they may even lose their lives as a consequence. Information on what disabilities or deformities may result from the use of alcohol or various drugs may help women of child-bearing years make the choice to maintain their sobriety.


Ren in Information on U.S. States
January 18, 2023

America’s Pregnant Women at Increasing Risk for Drug Overdoses

One could say that the most important mandate for the human species is to protect the future of the species. So when new research shows an alarming increase in fatal drug overdoses for pregnant and postpartum women, it serves as a warning sign that fast action is needed to improve societal conditions.


Karen Hadley in Effects on children
September 17, 2021

Pregnancy, Drugs and Alcohol: Avoiding Drug-Related Birth Defects

When a pregnant woman uses illicit drugs, drinks alcohol or misuses prescription drugs, they immediately increase the risk of birth defects. That’s why it’s vital to help pregnant women and women of child-bearing age find an effective rehab program as soon as possible. We’ll take a look at some of the risks.


Ren in Marijuana Use
July 1, 2021

Cannabis and Pregnancy Don’t Mix

New information reveals a direct connection between negative health outcomes in newborns and mothers who used cannabis while pregnant. Yet even while this information is coming into the mainstream, other research suggests that more women are using cannabis while pregnant than in recent years.


Ren in Family Addiction
October 29, 2020

Want to Be a New Father? Quit Using Alcohol First

Without much doubt, raising a healthy baby depends to some degree on both parents maintaining healthy lifestyles. When it comes to alcohol, new data suggests that BOTH the mother-to-be AND the father-to-be should abstain from alcohol in order to have a healthy baby.


Ren in Health risks
July 8, 2020

New Mothers Increasingly Prescribed High-Strength Painkillers, Many with Harmful Effects

Mothers should seek out safe, effective, and sensible healthcare services before, during, and after their pregnancy. Sadly, more and more new mothers are being put on potentially addictive opioid painkillers postpartum. Why is this wrong? And what can moms do to treat postpartum pain without resorting to painkillers?


Karen Hadley in Marijuana
October 28, 2019

Why Does the Surgeon General Advise Pregnant Women to Avoid Marijuana?

As marijuana use becomes legal in more and more states, it can be hard to know who to ask for advice on the safety of this drug. For pregnant women, knowing who to listen to is particularly important. To help these women, the U.S. Surgeon General has just issued advice for all pregnant women on marijuana use.