Program’s Goal: Halt Addiction

Halt Addiction Goal

Until recently, Narconon was one of several South Dade programs that treated persons for drug addiction.

Now it wants to become one of the programs that prevent drug addiction, said Executive Director, Robin Slatkoff.

“I feel that if there was more education and kids knew more about drugs and what they were getting into, they’d “think twice,” before using drugs,” she explained.

“What we want to get into is awareness and prevention and education,” said Slatkoff, who works out of Narconon’s office at 9853 E. Fern St., Perrine.

Slatkoff is writing schools, clubs and churches offering to tell school children and adults about drugs.

The seminars will explore how young people can avoid drugs and how parents can recognize and deal with children on drugs.

In addition to working direction with drug addicts, Slatkoff has taken drug-control courses run by the national Narconon program.

The techniques used in the Narconon (Program) were developed by L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Church of Scientology, Slatkoff said.

“Narconon’s approach generally is one of bettering yourself and improving your self-concept,” said Dorothy Eastwood, the state Health and Rehabilitative Services worker in charge of licensing all area drug programs.

“I think there’s a place for it,” Eastwood continued.

Susan is one of those individuals who thinks it’s working. She’s an 18-year-old who had become psychologically dependent on Quaaludes, marijuana and alcohol.

Susan decided to kick her habit when it began preventing her from attending her classes at Miami-Dade Community College and her job.

To help her withdraw from drugs relatively painlessly, Narconon gave Susan massive doses of vitamins and minerals, rather than substituting other drugs.

“They helped me relax and go to sleep; they’re like a natural muscle relaxer,” Susan said.

During later stages of the Narconon program, Susan will go through a course designed to teach her basic communication skills,” Slatkoff added.

“The reason a person is on drugs to begin with is because he’s having trouble handling life. He doesn’t have the skills he needs to handle certain situations.

“This course increases a person’s ability to confront those situations,” Slatkoff explained.

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