Narconon—A Different Program

Narconon - A Different Program

Narconon—A Different Program

NARCONON, meaning freedom from the harmful effects of drugs, is a rather unusual self-awareness and substance abuse program here at M.R… It’s unusual because it assists the person to look at and free himself from those things that trap him in life, and without spending time talking about drugs, it nevertheless brings the person to a state of mind wherein he actually feels “higher” on life than he ever did on drugs. Therefore, life becomes more pleasant to the individual, and he’s more likely to face and handle those wings in life that had previously trapped him. He no longer needs drugs to achieve that feeling of release of which all happiness is made.

A person, starting on the road to freedom in NARCONON first does a course designed to increase his ability to easily face and communicate with others. This is called the NARCONON communication course, and consists of drills, each of which concentrates on and develops a person’s ability to understand and control a single phase of communication. As the individual becomes more aware of others through better communication, he tends to assume more responsibility for himself and those around him.

As students have said: “NARCONON techniques have brought me closer to myself as well as others around me.” and “I feel that I am able to confront people a lot easier after going through the courses.” also, “I feel that now when people come up and ask me questions, I can talk for a longer length of time without changing the subject and I then know I’m able to understand them,”

The Communication course is the first of NARCONON’S program of greater awareness and freedom and can begin for you with a kite to Bill Schafer in Special Programs.

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