Jack Sellner speaking to inmates on the Narconon Program in the Arizona State Prison

Jack Sellner Speaking to Arizona Prison Inmates

In this rare prison photo Jack Sellner (center) is speaking to inmates on the Narconon Program in the Arizona State Prison. An early graduate of the program when he was released he became the Arizona State Narconon Administrator.

This quote is taken from the 4th Anniversary Newsletter of the Narconon Chapter in Arizona State Prison, February 1970 -

“Jack, 31, and a Narconon Graduate stands as a symbol to the men of Narconon, especially to those who knew him during his years of prison and addiction.

From the first days of Narconon when Jack was instrumental in getting it started, he devotes a tremendous amount of time to the Narconon program of which he receives no pay other than knowing that as a result of his efforts, other men will again start to rebuild their lives. His dedication is such that many have credited him to be the Founder’s “right-hand man.”

Living in Phoenix, Arizona he makes regularly scheduled visits to the prison to take care of the program’s needs and to bring them further technology data. In addition to visitors, Jack is accompanied by professional Scientologists.

Jack states, “Narconon is very fortunate that its beginning took place in Arizona State Prison. The prison and its officials have really been great in assisting us. I believe that as a result of their efforts, Arizona is a pioneer in one of the finest programs in rehabilitation.”

Jack will soon be resigning his office to leave for Los Angeles to help expand Narconon on a continental level.”

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