Drug Rehab for Amarillo, Texas

Amarillo Texas

Addiction to drugs results in both severe physical and mental impairments. Addicts feel the changes coming over them as they continue illicit drug use. Illness is common. A person can become confused trying to work out the simplest problem and their confusion can make them appear irrational to those around him.

An addicted person loses friends and alienates family members. It is finally time to put a stop to the downward spiral from a life of drug abuse. The only way out of this trap is for you to find a drug rehab near Amarillo that will provide lasting sobriety. Like all Narconon centers, the Narconon drug rehab in Texas can do just that.

Narconon South Texas

Narconon South Texas in Harlingen provides the services needed to give an addict a real chance at a life without drugs. This comfortable residential facility is only a day’s drive south of Amarillo, with a program addressing both the physical and mental aspects of achieving lasting recovery.

Holistic Treatment the Best Approach to Drug Rehab

Since many drug rehab programs use substitute drugs in their treatment, the possibility of truly living a life without drugs is far removed. These substitute medications are addictive and can be more difficult to withdraw from than the addict’s drug of choice. Additionally, they often are prescribed for years after a recovering addict completes the rehab program.

However, Narconon uses no drugs of any kind in its drug rehabilitation program. Instead, with generous nutritional support and one-on-one work with experienced and trained staff, Narconon’s drug-free withdrawal is made more tolerable. In the case of some drug or heavy alcohol use where a person requires a medical wean down, this would be completed prior to starting the Narconon program.

Innovative Detoxification and Unique Educational Courses

A little known fact is that drug residues lodge in the fatty tissues of the body, causing muddled thinking, confusion and other effects, even long after drug use has ceased. These stored drugs are also known to contribute to the triggering of drug cravings long after a person has stopped using drugs. The Narconon New Life Detoxification eliminates stored toxins from the system by employing an effective combination of nutritional supplements, time in a low-heat sauna and a regimen of moderate exercise. With these poisons flushed from the body, a recovering addict is given a much greater chance of lasting success.

Narconon Life Skills Courses are a major bonus in the Narconon drug rehab program. Restoring and rebuilding the abilities in handling a new life without drugs, these courses help the addict go back into the world being able to face and deal with the stresses that made them begin using drugs in the first place.

An example of one of the courses the recovering individual will study is the Changing Conditions in Life Course. On this course, the student learns how to preserve the things that are going well for him in life and to repair those situations or relationships that are damaged.

Amarillo Residents Need a Way to Save Addicted Lives

Amarillo is no stranger to the drug problem. An addict’s mental and physical impairments are extensive and have been proven by interviewing and observing those entering treatment. With the intense drug trafficking problem in Texas, statistics show that the wide variety of drugs moving across the Mexican border create a wide availability. It becomes imperative to provide an effective drug recovery that gives lasting sobriety.

Addressing both body and mind, the Narconon center’s alternative approach to offers a realistic solution to addiction and enables one to achieve long-term sobriety.