Addiction and Dealing with Conflict

What a Drug Rehab Should Have: Dealing with Conflict

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For an addict, dealing with conflict in his life becomes virtually impossible. It is far too easy to simply turn to drugs or alcohol and blot out the necessity for any responsibility or need to cope with any challenges or stress. When a person is caught up in substance abuse, conflict is mismanaged if it is managed at all and causes great harm to relationships, workplace skills and living a happy life.

Conflict arises from large and small differences and is part and parcel of any relationship. When someone can resolve conflicts, he can maintain healthy personal and professional relationships.

However, without this skill—usually completely lost in an addicted lifestyle—life simply becomes a mess of unresolved problems and disagreements. Conflicts can escalate and relationships are often destroyed. Families are torn apart as the addict escapes from any discord or strife they face by turning to drugs and running away from responsibilities.

SAMHSA States Importance of Dealing with Conflict in Addiction Recovery

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has determined that the ability to deal with conflict is a life skill necessary for full recovery from addiction. Their working definition of recovery includes improvement of a person’s health, wellness and ability to live a self-directed life where he can reach his full potential. The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program aligns fully with this definition.

The Narconon Program Helps a Recovering Addict Deal with Conflict

When conflicts arise, a person who is recovering from drug or alcohol addiction must have confidence in dealing with it so he does not feel the need to hide behind substance abuse. On the Narconon program, comprehensive life skills training gives the recovering addict tools he can use to relieve stress and successfully resolve conflicts that come about in daily life.

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Vera’s husband was an addict, addicted to crack cocaine. She said he would disappear for days suddenly, and she finally found out it was due to his drug addiction. She said, “He was gone all the time. He always had an excuse to be on the job, then when you would go to the job site he was never there. And while he was addicted, he was always screaming and hollering and throwing things. He was always angry.

She got him into the Narconon rehab program and he returned home a new person. Vera said, “He is very dependable and responsible now. If he says he is at the job site, you can go to the job site and find him there. He doesn’t lose his temper as he did before. His communication skills are incredible. It’s phenomenal to watch him work with people now. He’s like a different person!

Narconon can provide the ability to deal with conflicts and turn around the life of an addict. This program gives a drug or alcohol addict a new life without drugs, one where he can deal with any conflict intelligently and effectively.

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