Decision Making and Addiction

What a Drug Rehab Should Have: Decision Making

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Learning to Make Correct Decisions

To make a correct decision, an individual must be able to recognize the pros and cons of something, look at all aspects of a situation and decide on a path that leads to a productive, enjoyable life. An addict, however, is unable to see beyond his own addiction, often relying on his old habits of lying and manipulation to get out of any responsibility. He may say he would like to do something about his situation, but in most cases, he’s saying the exact opposite as soon as the cravings kick in.

Recovery Requires Correct Decisions

A recovering addict will still have difficulty making positive decisions unless his he gains control of his decisions. An addict who is recovering from drug or alcohol abuse and addiction needs more than a program which will simply get him off drugs. He needs a program which will show him how to rebuild his life skills and his ability to make the right decisions.

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Major organizations like the World Health Organization have set guidelines for the skills that should be included in a rehabilitation effort. High on their list is decision-making. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (SAMHSA) also has a working definition of recovery—”a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential.”

Narconon Teaches Decision-making as part of Treatment

Narconon parallels both organizations in its thorough treatment program for lasting recovery, in providing detoxification, nutritional support, and unique life skills training. With life skills training aimed directly at developing skills required to cope with the demands and challenges of everyday life, the Narconon program provides the tools to achieve lasting recovery.

To illustrate this point, Erica was a young girl caught up in the trap of addiction. She moved through the Narconon program and once completed on the life skills training said, “Narconon gave me every tool I needed to take my life back. It has made an enormous impact on my life. The life skills I learned help me to make good decisions and handle bad situations.

The Narconon program has addiction recovery treatment which not only gets an addict off drugs or alcohol in the most comfortable way possible but also provides him with reliable tools and applicable knowledge. Thus once back home, the recovering addict can have the best chance to live a drug-free, happy and productive life.

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