How Narconon Helps Cocaine Addicts

The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program can help the cocaine addict find lasting sobriety once again. For five decades we have helped many individuals overcome their struggle with cocaine addiction and get back in control of their lives.

The High and Lows of Cocaine Use

cocaine addict looking paranoid

When a cocaine addict tries to take himself or herself off the drug, withdrawal symptoms is the first thing they experience. Because these are quite different from the symptoms of opiate or alcohol withdrawal, some people do not think cocaine is addictive. But it is quite addictive.

Normally the first thing that happens is that the person comes down off the stimulant with a crash. He will crave cocaine strongly and probably experience fatigue, depression, anxiety, irritability, paranoia, and agitation. She may also experience an inability to feel pleasure due to the exhaustion of the normal hormonal functions of body and brain. These sensations can be stronger in cocaine withdrawal than with other drugs.

The Narconon Program Helps Recovering Cocaine Addicts Through Withdrawal

In the withdrawal step of the Narconon program, a cocaine addict will be supported by Narconon staff who provide nutritional supplements that helps alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

withdrawal fatigue

Nutritional depletion can contribute to the restlessness, anxiety, fatigue and depression many people experience as they come off these drugs. While a person remains under the influence of cocaine or other drugs they do not perceive the problems, depletion, and exhaustion that become all too obvious once the drug is withdrawn. Therefore, each person in the withdrawal phase receives a steady supply of vitamins and minerals that help make withdrawal much more tolerable for most people.

Narconon staff also help the recovering cocaine addict with light orientation exercises that help them get oriented in his or her new, drug-free environment. Additional techniques called assists help relieve the physical symptoms of cocaine withdrawal.

objective exercises in withdrawal

Helping the Cocaine Addict Rebuild Their Life

New Life Detoxification

Following the withdrawal phase is the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program, a step unique to Narconon centers around the world. In this phase, use of a low-heat sauna, moderate exercise, and nutritional supplements enables the body to flush out old drug residues that lodge in the fatty tissues. Once these toxins are thoroughly flushed out, most recovering addicts say that their drug cravings are greatly reduced if not gone.

new life detox


 The Narconon program includes unique exercises called objectives to help bring a person’s attention off the past and into the present. Students also learn skills they can use to help them comfortably face life and resolve problems through communication. The result is that each person improves his ability to see the real environment around him and use communication in his dealings with other people. As drug use and addiction is basically an escape from life and communication, this practice begins to repair the effect of the drugs that drove each person out of touch with the realities around them.

Life Skills

In order to meet life’s challenges with safe, drug-free decisions, each person must also learn how to face difficult situations and come up with the right answers. What should she do if she meets drug-using friends or her old drug dealer? Should she get back together with that old drug-using boyfriend? How can he solve a dilemma instead of hiding behind drug or alcohol abuse? And how can he learn strong moral values that act as a compass in day-to-day life? All of these questions are answered in the life skills portion of the Narconon drug rehabilitation program.

The result of the Narconon program is a person who can face life squarely, whose cravings are reduced or gone, and who knows how to manage life’s challenges without resorting to drug or alcohol abuse.

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If you are trying to help someone who has an addiction to cocaine, give us a call. We can help. It is possible to recover from a cocaine addiction and achieve a drug-free life.