After Addiction: How Can You Get Your Loved One Back?

mother who got her son back

When a person becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol, he may be able to maintain a decent life for a while. But as long as the drug or alcohol abuse continues, there will be a deterioration in his quality of life. His (or her) relationships are going to suffer. His health will suffer. His ability to be honest and open about communication is going to fail, the longer he abuses these substances.

Family sees these changes. At first, they may not understand what is happening. They just see the problems crop up: illness, loss of jobs, financial problems, loss of love and affection, neglect of children, spouse, and other family members.

After a time, the loved one turns into someone they simply don’t know anymore. Parents may be afraid of the child they once adored. Spouses may be forced to take the children away before they can be harmed. Employers will have to cut the drug or alcohol abuser loose to prevent damage to the company. Communities may be forced to incarcerate someone before they can harm others due to crime or other abuse.

Can this person come back to the family? Can they ever get their loved one back?

Over fifty years of experience providing drug rehab services has proven that families can have that loved one come back. He can recover from the devastation that has taken over his life and changed his personality so drastically.

What’s more, this person can come back with the ability to preserve his own sobriety.

This is possible with the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

Long-term, Drug-free Rehab Plus Life Skills

The Narconon program has been the answer to sobriety for tens of thousands of families. Since 1966, this program has been teaching individuals how to build and maintain sober lives. This innovative program works to increase a person’s basic abilities rather than focusing on the disability of addiction.

It has been found that when a person develops new skills for living, when they find relief from the trauma and guilt that accompanies addiction, when cravings are eliminated, when they can see hope for the future, they no longer feel the need to take drugs. Once they feel better without the drugs than they did when on them, they no longer need them to feel better or eliminate some sort of difficulty.

How Does Narconon Prevent Relapse?

Getting a loved one back after rehab is important but what is just as important is that they know how to keep themselves from relapsing. Otherwise, sobriety may be short-lived and the problems and heartbreak can come crashing back.

Careful attention is paid during the life skills portion of the Narconon rehab program to teach each person how to avoid the pitfalls that can lead to substance abuse. One part of this program also uses a thorough detoxification step to brighten one’s outlook and bring about the ability to think clearly again. Most people say this detox also greatly reduces or even eliminates cravings for drugs.

family back together again

This is what families really want: the loved one back - responsible and productive. Knowing how to maintain that sobriety. Once again responsive to the needs of family, friends, and community.

Learn more about the Narconon program and how you can have that loved one back in your family and your life - clean and sober once again.