Drug Rehab for
Athens, Georgia

Athens Georgia

The horrors of addiction to drugs or alcohol never seem to end. Ask the families and friends of those addicted. An addict may try to shed his habit by going through a drug rehab but often finds that the drug substitutes used make the problem worse in the long run.

While the addict spirals down into a life of despair and hopelessness, his family also knows that eventually, they may get a call they dread - that their loved one is in jail or dead from an overdose. Whether you’re in Athens or anywhere else in the U.S, an effective drug rehab is the only real hope an addicted person has to find lasting sobriety. Relief is available with the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

Narconon Suncoast drug rehab center
Narconon Suncoast Drug Rehabilitation Center

Not far from Athens is our drug and alcohol treatment center in the neighboring state of Florida. At our beautiful facility in Clearwater, Florida, the Narconon program helps residents from all over the Southeast regain control of their lives. Narconon is a residential program with a unique approach to recovery which enables an addict can finally live a drug-free life and look forward to a productive and happy future. Addressing the physical and mental factors resulting from addiction and proofing the person against relapse, Narconon has the ability to truly save addicted lives.

Drug Replacement Therapy May Harm an Addict’s Chances of Success

Some drug rehab services include giving a recovering addict substitute drugs as a form of treatment. However, these drug substitutes are addictive and can become as much of an addiction as the individual’s original drug of choice. Using substitute drugs does not pave the way to a drug-free life.

In some cases, it is medically necessary for a person to taper off of certain substances, such as benzodiazepines or heavy alcohol use. When this is required Narconon centers work with medical detox facilities to safely help the individual get to the point where they can begin their path to a truly drug-free life.

Narconon never uses any type of drug replacement therapy in the program. Instead, this program gets the recovering person through a tolerable withdrawal, clears the body of drug residues with a thorough detoxification and gives the individual tools to use so he or she can go back into the world and live an ethical and productive life without drugs.

The Three Aspects of the Narconon Program that Save Addicted Lives

The drug-free withdrawal is not a process to be dreaded. With the use of nutritional support the body is strengthened and can better withstand the stresses of withdrawal. Experienced staff also assist with careful monitoring of the recovering addict, ensuring he or she gets enough sleep and eats properly. The staff also administer innovative relaxation techniques that ease the aches and pains of withdrawal. In these ways, withdrawal is made more tolerable.

A thorough detoxification is necessary. Drugs residues remain lodged in the fatty tissues of the body, even years after drug use has ceased. These residual drugs cause foggy thinking and have been known to contribute to triggering drug cravings. The Narconon New Life Detoxification flushes these toxic residues from the body using a combination of nutritional supplements, moderate exercise and time in a low heat sauna.

The final phase of the Narconon program consists of a series of life skills courses that provide the individual with the knowledge of how to withstand the stresses and challenges he will face when he goes back home. An addicted lifestyle damages many parts of a life. These areas must be repaired and a healthy and happy life must be restored. The Narconon Life Skills Courses give a recovering addict the education he needs to go back into his day-to-day life equipped with the tools and knowledge to deal with those challenges that present themselves, and without the need to turn to drugs or alcohol to avoid his problems.

An example of one of these courses is the Personal Values Course. Here the student learns how to restore his lost integrity. The course also contains specific processes which, when put to use, helps him ease the guilt connected with his drug or alcohol-related misconduct. Many who complete this course state that they not only know how to protect their own personal integrity in the future but also feel great relief over the wrong acts they did while addicted.

Contact Narconon today to find out how this program could save the life of someone you care about.

The Dangers of Drug-related Crime and Violence are Many

Although a lovely Southern city nestled beneath the Blue Ridge Mountains and with all the attributes that make it a great place to live, Athens has problems with addiction and drug-related crime that take away from its desirability. Burglaries occur when addicts are trying to find easy money to support their habit. Drivers under the influence endanger lives. For instance, police blotters contain a long list of drug violations on the streets. Recently one man was arrested with cocaine in his possession that he intended to distribute. The same day another bust at a home turned up crack cocaine.

Even larger drug busts have been made in the city. In one incident, the Northeast Georgia Regional Drug Task Force seized heroin, other drugs and paraphernalia, weapons and over $300,000. It comes as no surprise that dealers obtain a foothold in Athens. It has been reported that Mexican drug traffickers have been operating in the area for some time. A number of arrests have been made of members of a Mexican drug trafficking organization who have been trafficking heroin and methamphetamine in the Athens area.

An effective drug rehab for those living in Athens helps to stem the tide of addiction in the region, one person at a time. Narconon is a top choice in rehabilitation programs and gives an addicted person real hope at a fulfilling and happy life without drugs.