Choosing a Drug Rehab Center

How do you pick the right drug rehab program for your loved one? There are many factors to consider when choosing a program that will ensure the best chance for long-term recovery. Recovery that results in a drug-free, productive and happy life.

The Right Treatment Program Can Avoid Repeated Trips to Rehab

There are many theories on how to help a person through addiction recovery. They range from hypnosis to long stints in a drug-free community. Recovery rates vary with each form of rehabilitation and the technology that accompanies it. If a family does not ask about the outcomes of a particular program, they risk choosing a program that will not result in sobriety. There are many addiction treatment drug rehab centers that state that “relapse is part of recovery,” therefore explaining in advance that they are not going to be able to bring about sobriety.

The key is to find the right treatment center that can create sobriety in an addicted person. Then a family’s investment can pay off with the return of a productive, sober life for their loved one.

Narconon is a premier drug rehab program with locations around the world that provide a unique approach to genuine rehabilitation.

Narconon reviews by family members of graduates state that they “finally have their loved one back.”

The Innovative Narconon Addiction Recovery Method

The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program has been saving lives since 1966. Its innovative method of helping people recover from addiction includes a unique sauna detoxification phase. It has been found that each person that abuses drugs or alcohol has residues of those substances stored in fatty tissues of the body. But with time in a low-heat dry, well ventilated sauna, moderate exercise and generous nutritional supplementation, a body can be helped to flush out those toxins that have been shown to be involved in the triggering of cravings, even years after drug use stops.

When the Narconon New Life Detoxification is complete, many individuals say cravings are lower, some even say they are gone. With this particular burden lifted, it is easier for people to recover their self-esteem, honesty, integrity and ability to make drug-free decisions. These factors are effectively addressed in the Life Skills portion of the program.

If you’re looking for the right and most viable solution for rehab, contact Narconon to find the center closest to your location. There are Narconon centers across the US and Europe and on six continents. Call the phone number above today to get the whole story of how Narconon can help your loved one find lasting recovery.

Don’t Wait to Get the Help They Need

When a family is trying to help an addicted person, this effort usually starts with providing support like money, help for illness, arrest, eviction, and repeated advice. But when the real opposition comes from addiction, the help that is needed is drug rehab. So how to pick the best one? Things may have progressed past simple drinking, prescription drug abuse, street drug use or study drug abuse (such as Adderall being abused by students). Addiction is such a formidable enemy that just trying to “help” the person out of his or her situation is seldom enough.

A person who is addicted has lost control over his or her life to the drug. The compulsion to use, the cravings, the drive to get the day’s drugs or alcohol runs control over the person. When damage is being done to health, relationships, education, work or family and the person continues to abuse drugs or alcohol, this is the cue for drug addiction treatment, not just moral or financial support.