End the Cycle of Addiction

man trapped in cycle of addiction

Once a person gets wrapped up in a cycle of addiction, it can be impossible for him to find his own way out. The cravings for more drugs or alcohol are so strong, and a person’s dependence on these substances to obliterate the problems of life is so overwhelming that many people need the assistance of a thorough rehabilitation program to break free.

But for too many, conventional rehab programs fail to enable the participants to break this cycle.

Can a person be empowered to break free from this endless cycle of addiction? Nearly fifty years of experience has shown that it can be done.

Narconon Program Helps Repair Damage, Rebuild Skills

Since 1966, the Narconon drug rehab program has been helping the addicted overcome the despair of addiction and learn how to establish lasting, sober lives. No matter how desperate the addiction was before, it is possible to come back to stable sobriety.

stable and happy woman

Step by gentle step, each person lays in a foundation of sobriety, first by repairing the damage done by addiction and then developing the abilities needed to make drug-free choices. Never is a person told that he is powerless. Never is any participant given another drug as part of treatment. The emphasis is on complete and lasting sobriety, not dependence on another substance.

Starting on the Path to Recovery

A person beginning rehab is normally plagued with guilt, low-spirited over his many failures, and experiencing sharp cravings for more drugs. Immediately on arrival, he (or she) is supported with generous doses of nutritional supplements that can help lift his mood and help the body begin to detoxify.

As soon as the person is free from the immediate influence of drugs, he will go through an innovative detoxification step that combines sauna time with more nutrition and daily exercise. This combination helps the body discharge toxic residues from all the drugs or alcohol that were consumed. Many people state that they feel more alive and energetic, that their thinking is clearer and their outlooks are brighter. It is common for these people to also state that their physical cravings are greatly lowered or even gone.

A Person Learns How to Recover his own Abilities

The emphasis in the latter part of this program is on enabling a person to learn or re-learn essential skills needed to stay sober.

Each person will study the fundamentals of such skills as these:

  • Knowing who are one’s safe associates and who are the ones who will lead one back into substance abuse - how to identify and deal with each type
  • Understanding how integrity is lost and how guilt can be replaced with relief
  • Identifying those situations in life that need to be repaired and what steps to take to repair them - this includes situations at home, with relationships, at work or school - anywhere.

Each step of the way, a participant in the Narconon program not only learns these basics, he is also expected to apply them fully while he is still in the program to begin repairing the life he will be returning to. After all, if he returned home to his damaged relationships, he could be tempted to turn to drugs or drink for escape. But when he has learned how to restore relationships and solve problems and has put this knowledge to work before going home, he returns to a better situation in which it is easier to stay sober. Not all of life’s situations can be addressed while still in rehab, so each person goes home with a step-by-step plan to further mend relationships, handling any legal situations, gain employment or any other actions needed to ensure a stable, sober future.

One can break the cycle of addiction. Learn more about the Narconon program today.