Narconon Nepal
Rehab Facility

In a breathtaking location overlooking the Himalayan mountains, Narconon Nepal welcomes individuals suffering from all types of addiction to their facility that was custom-built for recovery.

The 100-bed facility is where the intensive rehabilitation work is done, but there are also six other buildings in Kathmandu that house the administrative offices, provide staff accommodations, and also allow new arrivals to work through their withdrawal periods in a quiet, supportive atmosphere.

Distraction-Free Environment

The Narconon Nepal rehab facility is located in the Himalayan mountains about an hour outside of Kathmandu.

Ideal Facility

Its interior is bright and cheerful, with several classrooms for learning life skills and a large sauna that is used for the healthy, thorough detoxification phase of this program.


When old drug residues are flushed away in the sauna, those on this program regain their ability to think clearly again and often state that they have a brighter outlook on life and fewer cravings.

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The wide array of drugs that are available in Nepal have addicted more than 150,000 people. The majority of the addicted are under thirty years old and many are schoolchildren. But now, this long-term residential program has graduated hundreds of sober Nepalese. Through classroom study followed by supervised application to one’s life, these individuals learn the skills they will need for lasting sobriety.

The staff of Narconon Nepal also provide drug prevention lectures for the nation’s youth and work hand-in-hand with government and law enforcement officials to help solve the social problems created by drug abuse. More than 650,000 people have so far been educated about the dangers of drug use. This center also serves to train others from South Asia who wish to establish Narconon centers in their countries.

Narconon Nepal was founded by Basanta Kunwar, a former Senior Superintendent of Police in Kathmandu, who realized the strong connection between drug use and crime and decided to find an effective way to help. When he found the Narconon program, he knew he had found his solution. With the help of his wife and his staff, many lives are being saved in Nepal.

Narconon Nepal Graduation