Narconon Nepal

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

Pratigya Center, G.P.O. 1718, Hattigauda, Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal’s largest city, has long been associated with spirituality and a search for truth and enlightenment. But the affliction that has destroyed the lives of so many around the world—addiction to drugs or alcohol—has also felled so many in Nepal. To help these individuals make it back to spiritual and physical freedom from drugs, Narconon Nepal was established.

The original Narconon center for this region was located in Kathmandu itself. A few years later, this beautiful center designed specifically for the purpose of rehabilitation was constructed about an hour away in the mountains. Now, those in recovery can enjoy the peace, fresh mountain air and a stunning view of the Himalayas.

This is a place where a person can repair the harm done to his (or her) spirit, emotions or life and where the skills that will be needed to make drug-free decisions can be learned. At Narconon Nepal, those in recovery are not prescribed more drugs. Instead, they are taught how to enjoy the freedom of a drug-free life. They also learn the value of contributing to their families and their communities once again.

This repair is not completed overnight. It takes several weeks of focused work by the person in recovery and continuous guidance by Narconon staff to get this result.

A Beautiful Center in an Exquisite Setting

The terrace at Narconon Nepal.

On a mountaintop overlooking the tallest mountains in the world, Narconon Nepal is set in an environment like no other. Each person coming to this center for recovery finds himself in a safe, clean and protected space at last. Finally, he has the support he needs and a time-tested program that can help him walk all the way back to lasting sobriety.

The program at Narconon Nepal has a ten-year history of helping the addicted recover their sobriety. Even those who have been through many other rehabs, those who thought themselves hopeless addicts have learned that a new, healthier life is available to them.

The Detoxification Center at Narconon Nepal

This beautifully designed center offers daily inspiration to each client who walks through the iron gates. The interior is bright and colorful, immediately lifting one’s spirits. There’s a large detoxification center that each person enters early in their rehabilitation. With moderate exercise, a strict regimen of nutritional supplements and daily sweating in a sauna, each person has a chance to rid themselves of the residues of drugs, alcohol or inhalants that were abused before arrival. The result is a brighter, sharper and cleaner viewpoint. Many people also say their physical cravings are much lower after this detox.

Everything Needed for Recovery

Narconon Nepal classroom

After the detoxification is done, there are cheerful classrooms waiting. In these rooms, each Narconon student will learn how to leave the past behind and learn to perceive and live in the present, and how to make the ethical choices each day that maintain sobriety.

Finally, graduation day will come when each person finishes all their requirements and when they are prepared to return to their normal lives. This is not a program with a set time limit. The important thing is that each client has improved his own ability to enjoy a drug-free life. That’s when drugs lose their appeal and being sober and productive each day offers real pleasure.

Learn how Narconon Nepal can help someone you care about return to lasting sobriety. Call Narconon International today to learn more.

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