Narconon United Kingdom

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

Narconon United Kingdom Facility

For those in the United Kingdom who struggle with deadly addiction, Narconon United Kingdom is a breath of hope and a chance for lasting sobriety. This drug rehabilitation center was established in southeast England to provide a holistic approach to recovery for families and individuals all over the British Isles.

Perfection for Recovery

Narconon United Kingdom

An exquisite manor house in the countryside near Maynard Green, East Sussex was chosen for this rehab center. It’s possible there is no more beautiful and therapeutic environment in the world than this one. The manor house is surrounded by lush English countryside and farms, offering a calming, relaxing setting for recovery.

Before opening its doors, this manor house was fully re-designed to make it the perfect place for rehabilitation. Every Narconon client lives on the premises so they can get a break from the chaos of the lives they left behind. Through every window, the fresh green environment calms and revitalizes. There are lounge areas and rooms for entertainment. At some points in the Narconon program, clients may choose to walk the lovely grounds in the company of Narconon staff.

Detoxification and Fresher Perceptions

The reason for coming to this aesthetic and comforting environment is to take advantage of the rehab service that has proven so effective in alleviating addiction. Over a fifty-year history in rehab centers around the world, the Narconon approach to ending addiction has helped tens of thousands of individuals achieve lasting sobriety. With this UK center in East Sussex, this holistic system of recovery is now available to tens of millions more.

The sauna at Narconon UK

It’s important to help each person break free from the viewpoint and lifestyle of an addicted person. The New Life Detoxification is a big step forward in this development. Utilizing a combination of nutritional supplements known to aid detoxification, exercise and sweating in a sauna, this unique detoxification enables those in recovery to wash away residues left behind after years of drug abuse. As these remainders of addiction leave the body, many people comment on the change in their outlooks. Life looks brighter and more positive. Their thinking is clearer. This improvement prepares each person for the steps that follow.

Next, a series of exercises enables each person to once again perceive the brightness and beauty in the world. These exercises are referred to as the Objectives. And as life become brighter, each person’s ability to enjoy life in the present increases as well, which begins to alleviate the mental stress suffered during addiction.

Vital Life Skills Must be Learned

Narconon UK classroom
Life Skills Classroom

To wrap up this holistic drug rehabilitation program, it’s vital for each client to learn how to make sober choices every day, no matter what the challenges are. The final steps of the Narconon program teach these skills. Problem-solving, rebuilding relationships, choosing friends who will support one’s sobriety—these are all essential skills to prevent relapse.

Finally, a complete plan is developed with the assistance of Narconon staff so each individual graduating this program knows exactly how to re-enter his (or her) work, family, school or community lives again.

Narconon United Kingdom can be the place you or someone you love puts an end to addiction forever. To learn more or to get help for yourself or someone you care about, call Narconon International today at 1-877-782-7409 today.