Narconon Egypt

Drug Rehabilitation in Egypt

Front of Narconon Egypt
Narconon Egypt Facility: Sondos Resort, Fayed, Ismailia Governorate

Just an hour from Cairo, Narconon Egypt serves people from all over Northern Africa who wish to recover from addiction to drugs or alcohol. In this resort town on Great Bitter Lake, a person has a chance to step back from the stresses of his life and find the support he (or she) needs to learn how to make sober decisions again.

Narconon Egypt provides a drug-free path back to a productive life. Addiction is not something exclusive to Egypt, Europe or the United States. Anyone, just about anywhere in the world can become dependent on an addictive substance. It’s the job of Narconon staff to help each person shed their addictive lifestyle and regain their sober abilities again.

The Narconon program takes most people two or three months to complete. During that time, they are guided through a deep, sauna-based detoxification and they learn how to leave pain and trauma in the past as they regain the ability to live in and enjoy the present again. These steps and the help and guidance they get along the way help them break the mold of an addictive, destructive lifestyle. They discover that they simply don’t need to be that person anymore.

The Life Skills Component of this Rehab Program

Before they go home, each person will need to relearn—or learn for the first time—the skills they need to make sober decisions every day of the rest of their lives. These skills are built gradually as each of our clients completes the Life Skills component of the Narconon program.

The Life Skills lessons at Narconon cover such essentials as integrity, coping with difficult or dangerous associates, recovering one’s self-esteem, finding relief from guilt and overcoming barriers to success. As a person progresses through these lessons, he learns how to start building a positive new life for himself once he gets home. He discovers that he is actually a good person and therefore he are able to once again reveal his best qualities.

In this quiet and supportive environment, it’s possible to find that new sober life a person has dreamed of, when their addictions would even give them a chance to hope for a moment. The staff of Narconon understand the battle each addicted person has lived through, just to stay alive. It is their purpose to guide each person and help them make the choices day to day that will result in a successful rehabilitation program.

Narconon Egypt is located at the Sondos Resort in Fayed, Ismailia Governorate. In this calm and beautiful environment, the pain and degradation of addiction can seem very far away. This is where healing can take place and where the person himself and his family can begin to envision a bright new future once again.

No matter which addictive substance has derailed your life, Narconon Egypt can help you back to a healthier, more productive and more enjoyable life. Please call to learn how we can help you and your family begin to heal.