Narconon Egypt

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Facility

At Narconon Egypt, every aspect of this drug rehabilitation center is designed to provide a successful journey back to lasting sobriety for our clients. In these calm, quiet surroundings, a person can finally begin to heal after the trauma and pain of addiction.

An addicted person has normally neglected his own physical, mental and spiritual health while trapped in that situation. Once he (or she) arrives at Narconon Egypt, he will receive the support he needs to start on a fresh new life.

At the Sondos Resort

Narconon Egypt chose the Sondos Resort as a good place to guide each person through their recoveries. With a location about an hour from Cairo, it’s outside the traffic and noise of the city which could disturb an individual’s focus. Located right on Great Bitter Lake, there is fresh air and space to think, study and heal.


Volleyball, a swim in the pool, ping pong and billiards create camaraderie between these students as they journey together to their new lives.

Once a week, students who are applying themselves to their classes and progressing well may make a trip into Cairo to take in a movie or a nice meal with other students and staff.

Nutritional Dining

Nutritional dining helps speed recovery and repair. We provide every element aligned to your success on the program. Narconon staff are there to assist students 24 hours a day to help ease discomfort of coming off drugs.

In the facility itself, there is room for study, relaxation and peace of mind. In special classrooms, each person becomes a student of the life skills that will be vital to protect future sobriety. The resort sits right on the lake, so there is a beach where each student can take in the evening air after the day’s classes.

Departing from the Dark, Returning to the Light

By the time most people arrive at rehab, drugs or alcohol have robbed most people of every shred of joy they ever got out of their lives. Most addicted people are living in very dark places, having lost all hope of ever enjoying life, family, work or future. There is little to no hope left for a better tomorrow.

Here in the bright Egyptian sunlight, each person has the opportunity to watch the brightness return to his life as he recovers from the damage done by years or even decades of addiction. This Narconon location, like the dozens of others around the world, is the perfect place to see a new, better life taking shape day by day.

Gradually, an individuals’ family begins to hear his voice sounding like it did before he lost his soul to addiction. And the recovering person gradually regains his viewpoint of hope and positivity.

It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes two to three months for most people to complete this program. But once they are complete, they know they have truly accomplished something special. They have won back their sobriety and learned the skills they need to preserve it.

Learn why Narconon Egypt is the perfect place for someone you love to start on the road to a more enjoyable and productive life. Call Narconon International to find out how your loved one can return to life and sobriety through the Narconon drug rehabilitation program.

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