Improving Life by Improving Communication Skills

Some addicts can hide their addiction. They can function in life, although the drug problem is always there, haunting them and affecting them in ways they may not realize until it is too late. One thing that affects someone addicted to drugs or alcohol is the problem of communication. A lack of the ability to communicate can create chaos with family relationships. Rick was a drug addict who was on the verge of losing his family due to his drug-related communication problems.

Narconon graduate Rick

Rick explains his life as a drug addict. “I was a functioning drug addict. I held a good job. I kept my life pretty much in order, except for the drug problem. However, it eventually spiraled out of control and I lost a lot of communication with my family. I stopped being a good dad and husband. I knew then I needed help. I confessed to everyone what was going on. They found Narconon for me.

Narconon is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program that gets the addict through a drugless withdrawal and uses a sauna detox regimen to eliminate drug residues stored in the body’s tissues. Rick commented on the withdrawal by saying, “When I first came to Narconon, I was nervous. But when I got to withdrawal, everyone was so helpful. They got me in the groove about being here and what to expect.” He also did the Narconon New Life Detoxification to flush out those toxic residual drugs, clearing his body of the substances that lodge in the tissues and have been known to activate drug cravings, even years after someone has stopped using drugs.

In addition to these effective methods of addressing the physical aspects of addiction, Narconon also has a series of courses that teach the recovering addict important life skills. So many abilities are lost in an addictive lifestyle, particularly the ability to communicate effectively. On the Objectives course, the student finds how to improve his communication skills and attain brighter perceptions through a series of innovative exercises.

Rick said, “The thing that had the biggest impact on me in the program was the Objectives Course. I learned how to acknowledge people when they talk to me and really listen to what they say. That was my biggest win—how to confront people and how to really communicate with them.

Like thousands of others the world over, Rick’s life changed after completing the Narconon program. He described what it did for him. “Since I’ve finished I feel awesome. I’ve had the best communication with my parents and my wife and my kids. It’s been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. I no longer crave for drugs, even when I associate with people who do drugs. My work is much improved. I really produce on my job and get a lot of things done.” And just like tens of thousands of others who have done the Narconon program, Rick can once again live a happy and productive life.

Rick graduated the Narconon drug rehab program in Oklahoma.