A Meth Addict Saved from a Life of Crime

Narconon graduate

A life of addiction often turns into a life of crime. Addicts have their lives spiral out of control while they focus only on finding the next pill or needle. Getting the drug entails having the money to buy it, and an addict will steal, lie and manipulate family and friends to get that money. Clint knows what this type of existence feels like. He was a meth addict.

Clint described his life of addiction. “I had completely destroyed my life. I was addicted to methamphetamine for a little over seven years. During those seven years, I lost basically everything I owned. I found myself in and out of jails for five of those seven years.”

Then Clint found Narconon. Somehow he knew this was a program that was going to help him to recover from his addiction. Narconon addresses addiction from all sides, a complete package for a full recovery. All treatment leads towards an addict obtaining improved health, back in control of his life and able to reach his full potential.

Clint knew there was something different about Narconon. He said, “When I came to Narconon, I was rather surprised with the people. Everyone around me seemed really happy. I wasn’t used to that. It was something that was different for me because of the crowd I normally hung out with. These people seemed genuinely happy with what they were doing here. It made me feel really comfortable.”

The Narconon program gives an addict the opportunity to truly turn around his life. After a tolerable withdrawal, the person begins the sauna-based detox, a regimen of time in a sauna, moderate daily exercise and a generous supply of nutritional supplements. This detox is designed to flush out drug residues that have accumulated and become stored in the body’s tissues. Once these poisonous toxins are gone, the person feels brighter and more awake and refreshed. Cravings can completely disappear.

Clint described what he felt about this part of the Narconon program. “During the sauna portion of the program, I actually started feeling a change. My body felt better. I was more alert. I realized what my life had become so I was willing then to give it my all to change. I felt a change coming and I knew it was a good change. I got really happy with myself and felt better about where I was and what I was doing with my life.”

Life skills training is the final step of the program at Narconon, bringing the recovering addict to a new understanding of life. He is able to repair damaged parts of his life from his past addicted lifestyle. He has the tools and knowledge to rebuild a productive and happy life.

Clint says it well. “This program was really great. By the time I graduated, I felt so good. I regained my ability to control my actions. I could do things I really enjoyed doing again. I’ve been clean for a year now and still feel as happy today as when I graduated. This was something I wanted and thought I couldn’t have, but now I have it and I’m successful again.”

Clint completed his drug rehabilitation program at Narconon Arrowhead.