Manufacture of Krokodil and Methamphetamine

dirty stove being used to cook drugs

Use of these drugs illustrate the hopelessness of deep addiction

Both krokodil and methamphetamine are drugs that may be produced at home with an array of easily purchased chemicals. For krokodil, one must start with headache pills that are sold over the counter in Russia where this home-brewed drug has been addicting people for several years. For methamphetamine, one starts with cold medication and then adds several household, pool or shop chemicals. Cold tablets do not require a doctor’s prescription for their sale, but most states impose restrictions on their purchase, such as presenting identification before purchase or limiting the number of packs of pills one can buy.

Krokodil Information and Withdrawal

The drugs can be cooked up at home without much trouble. Several years ago, a simpler method of cooking meth was developed that required only a two-liter soda bottle to mix the drug and let the chemicals simmer.

Krokodil can be cooked on a stove. It takes about a half-hour to manufacture a batch of this drug that has a similar kick to that of heroin. Since the high only lasts about 90 minutes and since one feels compelled to repeat the dosage throughout the day, a krokodil addict does not do much else than maintain his habit.

Both drugs are caustic and cause heavy damage to the body. Methamphetamine also causes mental deterioration to the point of delusions and paranoia. Meth users become gaunt and aged as the drug deplete the body of its robustness. Krokodil introduces damaging chemicals into one’s body that are so toxic they can cause muscles in an arm or leg to turn gangrenous.

arm infection from Krokodil

Krokodil generally causes death from gangrene, infection or other side effects of drug use. While methamphetamine ages and damages a person, one’s lifespan as a meth addict is usually longer than the two years a krokodil addict may be expected to live.

These are two of the most addictive substances in the world. It can be very hard to break the grip of these drugs but with help, it is possible to get clean. At Narconon rehab centers around the world, many people have gotten clean after being addicted to harsh drugs like these. Even when they originally thought there was no hope at all.

Healthy methods of detoxification help a person’s body recover and that stabilizes a person mentally and spiritually. And since life skills are normally destroyed in a period of heavy addiction like this, the Narconon program provides life skills training plus the program itself is designed to give a person time to develop and practice using these essential skills. Each person must know how to deal with new challenges in life without resorting to drug use.

If someone you care about is struggling with an addiction they feel is hopeless, don’t you give up hope. Just contact Narconon today and find out how this program can provide a new, sober life.

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