Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Sardinia, Italy Schools

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Like the rest of Italy, Sardinia has long faced problems with drugs and drug addiction, especially among the younger population. In Cagliari, the capital of the region, the State Police, Carabinieri, officially released the news a few years ago of the presence of “worrying signs of the circulation of hashish and marijuana even in the middle schools.” But most alarming is the data regarding opiates and cocaine abuse.

In Italy, Sardinia and Lombardy are the regions with the most challenging drug situation and most in need of treatment for use of cocaine, with a prevalence even higher than the Italian national average, which is of 101000 residents, age between 15 and 64. Additionally, Sardinia ranks first in Italy for the largest number of drug addicts affected by HIV.

The severity of the situation and the inadequacy of the traditional treatment systems have prompted years ago some of Sardinia’s drug treatment centers to adopt a different treatment model, switching to the therapeutic rehabilitation, rather more successful than the conventional medication treatment therapy. This, in fact, responds much better to the vital need of the drug addict not only to recover their physical health but also to learn and acquire the ability to deal with life without the use of drugs and alcohol as a solution. In recognition of the effectiveness of this orientation, last year, a Government funding of eight and a half million Euros was granted to Sardinia to enable the implementation of a special national project for the social reintegration of former drug addicts as a working force through a network of community and social cooperatives. The project is promoted and implemented by the Department for Anti-drugs policies of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. “The choice of Sardinia as the project leader is not done by chance,” explained Mr. Serpelloni, Head of the Department. “In fact, the island drug treatment communities’ model was considered successful and deserves to be exported all over the national territory”.

The Narconon Program for Sardinia

In light of this recognition, the Narconon program intends to reaffirm the effectiveness of its social education model of drug rehabilitation, which perfectly fits into the context of this new Italian orientation on the treatment of drug addiction. Since the early 1980s, in fact, Narconon has successfully worked in Italy using its own innovative method, which provides a method for the full recovery from drug addiction and the complete rehabilitation of the person’s ethical principles and social responsibility.

Narconon Gabbiano
Narconon Gabbiano in southern Italy

The Narconon program is composed of a series of standard steps set in a precise sequence. These techniques and learning programs help the individual not only to refrain from the use of drugs and detoxify the body from all drug residues but also bring them to learn how to communicate with others, to maintain control over self and the environment, to the point of being able to take responsibility not just for self but for others as well. The program also tackles and addresses the reasons for which the individual had begun to use drugs in the first place providing competence and certainty necessary to lead a happy and drug-free life.

Narconon program is available to anyone who needs assistance with drug or alcohol problems. Contact us for more information on the Narconon centers in Italy.