Catanzaro, Italy: Cocaine in Rapid Ascent

city of Catanzaro in Italy

Catanzaro is the capital of the Italian region of Calabria, which normally ranks at the bottom of the drug use statistics of Italy. However, this does not make it immune from the problem of drug addiction, nor does it allow its inhabitants to consider themselves secure from the dangers of drugs and alcohol, compared to other Italian cities. Cocaine use has been for some time in constant ascent, with 21% more cases registered between 2001 and 2009. Heroin, cannabis and synthetic drugs are also widespread, alcohol abuse is lesser still to this day, despite being involved in most car accidents and deaths on the roads of the province.

cocaine in use

Organized crime specifically perpetuates drug trafficking in Catanzaro, along channels that stretch from Sicily to the Alps regions. But for some years specific neighborhoods of the city, especially those south of the capital where the Roma camps are concentrated, have become open drug markets, especially for heroin and cocaine, as reported from the latest drug seizures by law enforcement which led to numerous arrests. Marginalization and poverty in the region encourage the spread of drugs, unfortunately benefiting the drug traffickers who take advantage of the situation to extend the flow of the drugs within the capital territory.

The Damage of Cocaine Among Young People

Recently, the Calabrian city administration has emphasized the need for additional and more specific programs to fight and prevent the use of drugs, especially to protect the younger population. But in fact, in Catanzaro, drug abuse is growing regularly among teenagers who, according to some reports, are beginning to manifest mental disorders. The main offender is cocaine, used in the city mainly by young people, age 15 to 35.

Narconon Provides One Answer

The answers to overcoming the drug problem are again more education about drugs and their risks, as well as early prevention of drugs and alcohol abuse. At the same time, it is vital to have available an effective drug detoxification and rehabilitation program, able to offer hope of lasting results to those who already suffer from drug addiction. The Narconon drug rehabilitation program is available in Calabria with Narconon Falco. Contact us for further information about our drug rehab centers in Italy.

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