Cocaine Addiction Intervention

When a person is addicted to cocaine or any drug, the number one priority is getting that person help to recover from that addiction. But for many people, once they get into that addiction deeply, the addiction is in control, not the individual. So if you try to help a person, what you will get back is the control exerted by the addiction.

If you try to get help, you may get accusations, criticism, hostility or despair that you can’t see how hard the addicted person is trying to cut down or wean themselves off the cocaine. In only a few cases will the addicted person admit how much they wish to get off the drug and live sober again. It does happen but you should not be surprised if it does not.

When a person is addicted to cocaine, their major interest is in making sure there is more cocaine available when the current hit wears off. And as cocaine is not a long lasting drug, this can consume more and more of a person’s attention until it takes over the person’s finances and entire life.

Unfortunately, families lose in the equation. Businesses and employers and other employees lose. And too often, the addict himself or herself loses too, if the strong stimulant triggers a heart attack, stroke or cardiac arrest due to the strains placed on the body.

A cocaine addiction intervention can turn this matter around and help the addicted person start to build that new drug-free life you wish for him or her. Or if you are the addicted person, you can find the sobriety you wish by getting the help of someone to intervene in your addiction.

At Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers around the world, families contact the staff to get help setting up cocaine addiction interventions to save the lives of their loved ones. For an experienced intervention specialist, it is possible to intervene between the drug and the addicted person to break that bond. **The interventionist knows how to draw out of even the most addicted person that desire to be clean and sober. **It may be buried deep by the time the interventionist arrives on the scene. And there is no guarantee that it will work every single time. But in most cases, the addicted person can realize that it is time to get off the drug and back to life.

Then with the help of the Narconon drug and alcohol recovery program, the cocaine addict can be guided back to stable sobriety again. This requires a program that thoroughly addresses all the main components of addiction that strap the addicted person to the compulsion to use drugs or alcohol: guilt, cravings and depression. On the Narconon program, there are tools to deal with each of these components so that they are gone, the formerly-addicted person knows they are gone and knows how to keep them away for good. He (or she) knows how because he took them apart with the life skills tools he learned on the Narconon program.

Sobriety may start with a cocaine addiction intervention. It can be finished by completing the entire drug-free long-term Narconon addiction treatment program. Call today to locate the Narconon center nearest you. Call 800-737-5250 now.