Cocaine Addiction Treatment Centers

Narconon Arrowhead addiction treatment center

Cocaine addiction, whether to powder or crack cocaine, creates a compulsive, even obsessive need for more of the drug. Cocaine is a strong stimulant that creates euphoria, an excitement, a confident, aggressive, talkative manner. A person with cocaine may feel that it is all he or she needs. But since cocaine is not a long-lasting drug, this means that more is needed soon after the last dose. The addicted person may pursue the cocaine addiction to the exclusion of all other interests. For a cocaine addict, nothing else is remotely as important as getting the next dose of cocaine.

addict in denial

And so a person who is addicted to cocaine can lose a job, business, spouse, children, self-respect, position in the community and all his or her possessions.

Many people who are addicted wish, deep down, to live a clean and sober life. If you challenge them, they are likely to respond with hostility, however. The addiction is in control of the person. Not the person.

Finding the Right Rehabilitation Program

If this person can be gotten into an effective treatment for their cocaine addiction, this can change. Even at the moment when everything seems the most impossible, it is possible to recover from their addiction.

The family trying to save the life of a person addicted to cocaine needs first to find the right rehab center. For thousands of cocaine addicts around the world, this has been the Narconon program.

Starting in Los Angeles over fifty years ago, the Narconon program has enabled all types of addicts to recover a long-lasting sobriety. Addiction to heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, alcohol, and now to prescription drugs like Vicodin, OxyContin, Xanax, and Dilaudid, can be overcome in the majority of cases. There are Narconon centers located on six continents, in major cities and small towns around the world.

Those addicted to cocaine may go through a rough withdrawal marked by strong cravings, depression, fatigue, and even suicidal thoughts. These symptoms are alleviated at Narconon centers through the administration of generous doses of nutritional supplements and the use of gentle objective exercises that help reorient and calm a person. Some people going through withdrawal at a Narconon center say that it is the most tolerable withdrawal they have ever experienced.

Withdrawal is followed by a multi-faceted approach to repairing the damage done by addiction. Each person has the time and the help they need to rebuild a life that was destroyed by cocaine addiction.

The Narconon program is all about lasting sobriety and the goal is a drug-free life.

You don’t have to suffer from cocaine addiction or watch someone you love lose everything to addiction. Call us today to learn more about the Narconon program and find a center near you.