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13. Don’t Lose Hope of Recovery

If rehab didn’t work once, it doesn’t mean that it never will. Forty-nine years of experience helping the addicted find responsible sobriety at Narconon drug rehab centers have proven that the overwhelming majority of people will respond to caring help and a proven rehab program. Only a very few will prevent themselves from ever being helped.

If completion of one rehab program does not result in lasting sobriety, you don’t have to lose hope. Your loved one may simply need more help or may need a different type of program with a different approach to repairing the damage from addiction. Your faith in the person’s recovery can be the factor that saves his or her life.

How to do it wrong: A young woman spent many years addicted to opiates and going through one rehab program after another. After several times through the same kind of short-term program, her family gave up on finding another rehab for her. They felt they had no choice but to just turn their backs on her.

How to do it right: Despite her half-dozen trips to rehab, the young woman’s father refused to give up on her. For her seventh trip, he looked for and found a completely different type of rehab, a longer-term one that would give her all the time she needed to recover from her addiction. At her graduation from this program, she told her family how much she appreciated the chance to do a program that really gave her the life skills and help she needed to get sober and expressed her gratitude to her father for not giving up on her.

By finding the right rehabilitation, you can have the person back in your life to love and laugh with again.

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