A Success Story: Recovery from Polydrug Abuse

Even after addiction to opiates and benzodiazepines, with alcohol mixed in some days, Jeff was able to find a new, sober lifestyle on the Narconon program. It was a gradual process of recovery.

He found the Narconon method of withdrawal to be better than tolerable — a far cry from the unbearable withdrawals he’d been through before. As he went through the deep, sauna-based detoxification phase, he found that he was starting to laugh and have honest fun for the first time in many years.

In the life skills part of the program, he began to lose the skewed, wrong ideas of what he should do with is life, and learn right from wrong for the first time ever. As he learned how to live a more ethical life, he said, “You can’t lie to yourself or it all goes bad. Once you learn this and get practiced doing it for a while, it becomes natural.”

Finally, he learned that he could solve problems in his life so that he would never again need to turn to opiates or benzodiazepines to hide from his problem. Finally, he had a life he could enjoy.

Call Narconon for Help

One of the services that Narconon centers offer families all around the world is help to get through all the barriers that are in the way of getting a loved one into rehab. If it takes helping a family find an effective interventionist, it is just part of the job of healing addicted lives. Contact Narconon today to get help for someone you care about who is abusing multiple substances.

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