What is Polydrug Abuse?

polydrug abuse

When drug addiction takes its toll, it is quite common for the addicted person to no longer care what drug he takes, or even if they could form deadly combinations. The numbness and despair of heavy drug addiction mean that many people hardly care if they live or die. It can require an effective rehabilitation program to help them see that there is eventual hope of recovery and a possible bright future ahead of them.

If a person is using multiple drugs such as alcohol and cocaine, opiates and cocaine or a random mixture of pills, there is no time to waste. The next night spent high could be his (or her) last. Use the information listed below to learn more about this problem and find out how it can be resolved—for good.

parent talking with their kid

Parents Can Help a Person Struggling with Polydrug Abuse

This practice is so dangerous, parents need to be able to identify polydrug abuse and know how to help.

polydrug use

Combinations that Make Polydrug Abuse So Dangerous

When multiple drugs are used at once, they can assault the body so badly that it cannot survive. Gain an understanding of the polydrug combinations that pose the greatest threats.

Polydrug Nicknames

If you hear these polydrug nicknames being used, you can understand the dangerous habit that may exist.

drug deal

Stories of Polydrug Abuse

It may be hard to understand how people can use so many drugs at once, so here are some real-life examples.

The Answer to Polydrug Abuse

Learn how to help the polydrug abuser to recover with the Narconon program.

Recovery from Polydrug Abuse

Hear how one person was able to beat their addictions and recover from polydrug use.

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