More Information on the Hallucinogens

If you would like more information about these drugs, here are some websites from government agencies or Narconon that you can visit. The more knowledge you have, the more you can impart this knowledge to your children, other family members, friends and neighbors. By being knowledgeable, you might even be able to save some lives.

A Comment About Spring Breaks/Senior Trips

The atmosphere surrounding party events like Spring Break and Senior Trips is very likely to encourage the abuse of alcohol, hallucinogens, club drugs and other substances. Venues that market their parties to Spring Breakers also encourage heavy drinking through their advertising and pricing schemes. Every place where young people are going to party is going to attract drug dealers who know they can move a lot of merchandise. Hallucinogens, synthetics, cocaine and marijuana are probably going to be available in volume.

Spring Break Party

Preventing problems during Senior Trips or Spring Break trips should start long before the subject of your child taking this trip comes up. If possible, you should begin educating your child or children on the hazards of using these drugs before the child enters their teenaged years. But if you are starting late, start anyway! It is never too late to improve the situation through education.

If your child is going to go on a Senior Trip or Spring Break vacation, this is one of the most vital times to have a conversation about drug abuse. It seldom works to just tell a child that he must not use any drugs. You’re going to have to be very specific about the real dangers. You might invite him to look at alternative ways he (or she) could enter into the spirit of the party without being stoned or high. Possibly the only way this can be done successfully is if your child travels with other students who refuse to get drunk or high.

Your child staying sober when others around him are getting drunk or stoned could wind up saving not only his life but the lives of others nearby.

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