Understanding the Dangers of Hallucinogen Abuse


Hallucinogens, popular in the 1960s, have unfortunately been making a strong comeback. With new synthetic hallucinogens on the market, it’s vital that parents and children understand the dangers of abusing these drugs so that the severe damage they can cause can be prevented.

Today, there are more types of hallucinogens on the market than ever and they are just as dangerous as they were fifty years ago. Many of the new synthetic drugs flooding the market have hallucinogenic qualities. In some states, they may be able to be sold as legal drugs until legislation catches up with the drug dealers. And it may be hard to get a drug test that will register some of these new drugs. A person who may be drug tested for work may reach for these dangerous drugs when he wants to get high, with disastrous results.

Learn how to identify the use of hallucinogens and what you can do if someone you care about is using them.

drops of lsd acid

What You Can Do About Hallucinogen Abuse

Learn the types of drugs that are used, what the signs of use are and how you can prevent their use.

Well-known types of hallucinogens

Know how to identify these drugs and their symptoms of use.

magic mushrooms

Plants and Chemicals Sold as Hallucinogens

Fighting their use means you need to know what these drugs are, their nicknames and their effects.

Educating Young People on the Harm Possible from Hallucinogens

Once you understand how harmful these drugs can be, you can explain this to a young person who might be tempted to use them.

lsd paper

Signs and Symptoms of LSD Use

It’s vital to know the signs of abuse of this terrifying drug.

Signs and Symptoms of PCP Use

This drug often causes seriously irrational behavior that can result in injury or death.

Signs and Symptoms of Mescaline Use

This plant-based drug can be just as dangerous as synthetic drugs.

Signs and Symptoms of Salvia Use

This smoked drug usually sends a person completely out of control for a short period.

ecstasy pills

Signs and Symptoms of Ecstasy Use

This drug that is often abused in party environments can also cause hallucinations.

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