How to Learn about These Drugs

There is a lot of information here about club drugs. It is probably a lot for you to take in. Most people might make the best progress just learning about one drug and then later, learning about the next one. The important things are that you have a complete package of information available and that you use it to educate your children to keep them safe.

On Club Drugs

When discussing club drugs with your children, it might work best to discuss the general subject with them at first and then take up one drug at a time in individual conversations. In decades of talking to kids about drugs, it has been proven that when young people gain true knowledge about the dangers of and consequences of drugs abuse, many of them will make their own decisions to stay sober.

You should take particular care to warn your child (of any age) of the very real danger or drug-facilitated rape or robbery if they travel to nightlife cities like Las Vegas, New York City or Miami.

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