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January 6, 2022

Meth Overdose Deaths Tripled in Recent Years

Newly published reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other organizations have shed light on recent surges in methamphetamine-related overdose deaths. According to the data, meth fatalities have tripled in recent years. And these aren’t just slight upticks either. Thousands of Americans are now dying from methamphetamine overdoses.


Ren in Drug Information
January 28, 2021

What Does Methamphetamine Do to Your Body?

What occurs on a physiological and psychological level when someone uses meth? Just how toxic is meth, and why would no one ever want to use it?


Ren in Methamphetamine
May 9, 2019

The Connection between ADHD Medications and Methamphetamine

I’ve often heard different drugs as being described as similar to one another. Many pharmaceutical drugs carry the same chemical compounds. Even some street drugs are close to each other. And we all know the iconic similarities of the horrible street drug heroin and our supposedly miraculous pharmaceutical opioid pain relievers. These two are very similar, down to their chemical structure.