Editorial Staff in Alcohol Abuse
January 31, 2023

More Evidence Suggests Drinking Leads to Accidents, Hospitalization, and Death

A recent study produced an alarming finding: People who get injured while intoxicated to the point where they require hospital treatment are five times more likely to die in the coming year. That critical data point suggests that just one alcohol-related injury is a serious predictor of alcohol addiction and the many potential health crises that can come, death included. With that in mind, family members of people who drink should take action immediately if they observe their loved one has an accident involving alcohol, even if their loved one insists they don’t have a drinking problem.


Karen Hadley in Drug Addiction
February 7, 2022

The Tangled Relationship Between Addiction and Trauma

For many people, experiencing trauma such as sexual, physical, emotional abuse or severe loss sets them on a path toward substance abuse and addiction. Understanding this can enable you to help a person who is using drugs and may be starting on that path.


Karen Hadley in Workplace drugs
March 28, 2017

Increasing Positive Drug Tests Send American Jobs to Immigrants

While immigration controversies hit the front pages of news media over the last year, behind the headlines, America’s drug problem has been turning some jobs over to drug-free immigrants.


Karen Hadley in Alcohol
February 26, 2017

Are There Any Good Reasons to Drink Alcohol?

A couple of intense news articles in a row raised a question in my mind—is there any good reason to drink alcohol? Is it is a defensible practice? A quick examination of the possible health risks and benefits was revealing.