Karen Hadley in Drug Trends
April 18, 2024

Youth Drug Use Not Increasing, But Far More Dangerous and Deadly

Despite a decline in overall drug use among teenagers, fatal drug overdoses among teens have spiked. Why has this happened? Drug trafficking organizations first discovered how easy it was to manufacture illicit fentanyl and then learned to press it into tens of millions of pills for the American market.


Ren in News
January 25, 2024

What Is the Scope of Fentanyl Use Today?

Fentanyl, the powerful synthetic opioid that is similar to morphine but is anywhere from 50–100 times more potent, has become the leading cause of drug overdose fatalities in the United States. Its widespread use is extremely grim because even as some people who struggle with addiction try to avoid the drug, dealers increasingly add fentanyl to their drug supplies to make each batch more potent, addictive, and dangerous.


Ren in Drug Use
May 20, 2023

Monitoring the Future Survey Showed Drug Abuse Rates Remained Steady Among Young Americans in 2022

The 2022 Monitoring the Future Survey was finalized and published recently. The findings showed no progress in reducing teen substance abuse rates from 2021 to 2022, as rates of substance abuse among young people held steady compared to drug use rates in previous years.


Editorial Staff in National News
February 6, 2023

Alarming Increase in California Fentanyl Busts Shed Light on How Accessible Fentanyl Is

California recently conducted a statewide crackdown on fentanyl, seizing over 28,000 pounds of the highly potent opioid in the past year, a nearly six-fold increase over the previous year. Given the exponential increase in the prevalence of fentanyl in the United States, family members of addicts must be warned of the dangers of fentanyl and encouraged to seek help for their loved ones as soon as possible.


Ren in Drug trafficking
April 27, 2022

Law Enforcement Seizures of Pills Containing Fentanyl Increase Dramatically

One of the most significant risks of using drugs is the possibility that an addict will unknowingly use a completely different drug from what they were expecting. This risk has been particularly evident with the recent surge in fatal fentanyl overdoses.


Ren in Opioid Crisis
December 29, 2021

The Western and Midwestern U.S. Hard Hit by Fentanyl Overdoses

For much of the 2010s, fentanyl addiction and overdoses surged in regional areas like the Northeast, Appalachia, and the Southeast. At the time, many experts believed fentanyl addiction and overdose would remain a localized crisis, not a national one. Unfortunately, recent reporting has indicated that the scope of fentanyl addiction and overdose has largely broadened, with the Midwest, Southwest, West Coast, and Pacific Northwest now being ravaged by fentanyl addiction and overdose deaths.


Ren in Opioid Crisis
June 8, 2021

How Fentanyl Addiction Surged in America

Since the turn of the century, drug overdose fatalities have surged across America. While several different types of drugs have contributed to the crisis, opioids (especially fentanyl) have caused most of the deaths. How does one drug contribute to so much death across the country?


Karen Hadley in Drug-Related News
March 7, 2020

Important Update for Families from the 2019 Drug Threat Assessment

Every year, the Drug Enforcement Administration reports on the biggest drug threats in our country because those threats never stay the same two years in a row. These annual reports can arm parents with enough information to warn their children of the intense, life-threatening risks of drug use.