Ren in Alcohol Abuse
November 5, 2021

Awareness of Alcohol Addiction Soars, But Treatment Does Not

Even though Americans are aware that alcohol abuse is a problem in the U.S., the treatment gap is wider than ever. Reporting suggests that the gap recently went from 10% of alcohol addicts receiving treatment down to just 6%. What must be done to address this serious problem?


Ren in Alcohol
September 30, 2020

Why Does Alcohol Cause More Deaths in Some States than in Others?

While alcohol is a problem everywhere, it does not affect all states equally. As the drug epidemic has swept across America, so too has alcohol addiction become more severe.—and it seems to touch down with particular severity in certain regions.


Karen in Drug Withdrawal
December 23, 2019

Why Withdrawal Can Kill and How to Successfully Help a Loved One Get Sober

While stopping damaging consumption of alcohol or drugs is a noble purpose, some people must begin their sobriety with a medically-supported detoxification process if they are to survive.