Ren in National News
December 14, 2022

Nitazenes, A New Drug with Fentanyl–Like Potency Hits the Streets

In Tennessee, four times as many fatalities were recorded for nitazene overdoses in 2021 than in 2020, with some experts saying nitazenes are as potent or more potent than fentanyl. Further, naloxone does not always work to counteract the effects of nitazene overdoses, exacerbating risks and potentially setting the stage for the next drug overdose epidemic.


Ren in Synthetic drugs
May 8, 2021

Synthetic Drugs Are More Addictive, Illegal, and Available Than Ever Before

As the years go by, the types of drugs that users experiment with change. Since the turn of the century, the American people have fallen further and further into an addiction crisis which has been brought on primarily by a gradual shift towards highly addictive, extremely dangerous, even lethal, illegal synthetic drugs.


Karen Hadley in Synthetic drugs
December 6, 2019

Why Synthetic Drugs Might be the Deadliest, Most Damaging Drugs in the World

With so much focus on the harm coming from opioids, it would be easy to overlook the deadly threat coming from synthetics. This ever-changing list of drugs can wreak havoc among drug users who might not even know what chemical they are buying.


Karen Hadley in Drug Information
January 16, 2019

Meet Methoxetamine—A Dangerous New Drug with Unwarranted Reputation for Safety

Ketamine was bad enough. We don’t need another drug that’s even worse. Meet methoxetamine.


Ren in Drug Information
May 7, 2018

Synthetic Marijuana; What it Is and Why It’s Dangerous

Marijuana and cannabis products have been around for decades and are nothing new to the American drug scene. However, synthetic marijuana is a relatively new drug, a substance that presents mystery and a plethora of unknown effects.


Sue Birkenshaw in Synthetic drugs
June 16, 2016

DEA Struggles As Production of Street Drug “Moon Rocks” Soars

Moon Rocks, which is also known as Spice, K2, Skunk or synthetic marijuana, is a laboratory-produced, dangerous, mind-altering drug substance that has exploded in popularity over the last ten years.