Ren in Recovery
January 4, 2024

Commit to Getting Clean in 2024

The scope of drug addiction in America continues to expand, and annual deaths from drug-related causes continue to increase. 2024 can be the Year of Recovery, but the family members and loved ones of people who struggle with addiction will need to step in and help their loved ones find and enter treatment. Doing so has never been more important or urgent, as the drugs of today are increasingly potent and often lethal.


Ren in Information on U.S. States
January 1, 2020

Committing to Sobriety in 2020

The holidays are a time of celebration and merriment when we get together with family members, friends, and other loved ones. It’s also a time when coworkers gather in a more casual environment and socialize. The holidays are when we all come together and just appreciate each other more.


Sue Birkenshaw in Drug Rehabilitation
December 31, 2014

Goals for Getting Help Over New Years for Drug Addiction

New Year’s Day is right around the corner, and millions of Americans will be setting goals for themselves to pursue in the coming year. For someone who has a goal to get sober, now is the time to seek help to make this a reality.