Xanax, One of America’s Most Addictive Drugs

Despite being an approved medication intended to treat panic disorders and anxiety, Xanax is also a mind-altering drug that has the potential to cause unwanted—even dangerous—side effects, addiction included. Some research shows Xanax is one of the most popular drugs currently sought for its mind-altering effects.


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September 11, 2019

The Importance of Informed Consent in Opioid Drug Prescribing

Who doesn’t want to make informed decisions? Have you ever paid for a product or service on a whim and then regretted it after finding out the product or service wasn’t really what you wanted? You probably would not have made the purchase had you been more informed on what you were buying.


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May 28, 2019

How Opioid Pain Reliever Drugs Changed the Drug Addiction Scene

When we work to address the current drug addiction epidemic that has swept our country, we must accept a universal truth. The truth is that the mass introduction of opioid pharmaceuticals (and other addictive pharmaceuticals, for that matter) onto the drug scene has changed how drugs are accessed and misused. In fact, the heavy proliferation of addictive medicines which began in the late 1990s served to alter the face of the addiction scene forever.


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January 25, 2019

How States Are Reducing the Opioid Prescription Drug Crisis within Their Borders

It’s no longer a news story that our nation is struggling with an opioid addiction epidemic. It’s been going on for some time. This is an epidemic that started out with opioid pain relievers, and even though other opioid addictions have cropped up since then, a decent piece of the pie chart that is the American opioid addiction crisis is still comprised of pain reliever addiction.


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October 30, 2018

Tools for Preventing Drug Use in One’s Community

The subject of drug and alcohol abuse is one that we don’t like to talk about much, probably because it always feels like the “Unsolvable Problem“ of human nature. Case in point, there is the general datum that just about everyone knows that they shouldn’t use drugs and misuse alcohol, yet millions of Americans still do so. Why is this?


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October 23, 2018

The Importance of Taking Care of Our Health Without Falling Prey to Overmedication

We live in a very peculiar, very unique time in society right now. Let’s look at this. In the United States, our medicine and our approaches to health are more incredibly advanced than they have ever been in our history. Yet in that same token, the problems that we face and the threats to our health are also possibly more severe than they have been in many decades. And at the end of the day, the American people do not have nearly as high of a health ranking as they should, given our technology and medical prowess. Why is this?