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February 8, 2024

What Is the Opioid Vaccine?

The term “opioid vaccine” has been in widespread use since at least 2019. However, many still do not understand what the medicine is or if it’s really a “vaccine” as one traditionally thinks of such types of medicine. Opioids are not infectious diseases, so how can one be vaccinated against them? Is the opioid vaccine the solution to opioid addiction? Or is it just another replacement medication?


Whatever Happened to Providing Abstinence Based Addiction Treatment?

At one time, the expectation of rehab success was abstinence. Now, it's more often the expectation that a person maintains compliance with a medication regimen. Have we given up on the concept of being fully drug-free after rehab?


Ren in News
April 27, 2019

Children Are Being Exposed to Drugs Used to “Help” Address Addiction in Adults

To love and protect children is one of humanity's most important doctrines, one of the supreme, guiding principles of just being human. When we hear of a child’s suffering, it strikes a deep, painful chord in our very souls.