What Is the Scope of Synthetic Cannabinoid Abuse Today?

Synthetic cannabinoids are a relatively new drug of concern, a man-made substance similar to cannabis but made in a lab. Such drugs often produce very different effects than one might expect from cannabis, and users can rarely predict what chemicals will be in any given batch of synthetic cannabinoids.



Rat Poison and Synthetic Marijuana—A Bloody Mess

Anyone using synthetic drugs is running an incredible risk because there’s no telling what chemicals—deadly or otherwise—those drugs will contain. In Illinois, dozens of unlucky people began bleeding from eyes, noses, mouths and other parts of the body after their synthetics were spiked with rat poison.


Sue Birkenshaw in Synthetic drugs
June 16, 2016

DEA Struggles As Production of Street Drug “Moon Rocks” Soars

Moon Rocks, which is also known as Spice, K2, Skunk or synthetic marijuana, is a laboratory-produced, dangerous, mind-altering drug substance that has exploded in popularity over the last ten years.


Sue Birkenshaw in Marijuana Use
May 18, 2012

Fake Marijuana May Be Endangering Young People Who Think it is Safe and Natural

A new drug commonly called Spice or K2 poses particular threats to those who might want to abuse marijuana but don’t want to have that drug show up on a drug test administered by an employer or parent.