What Opioid Abuse Is Costing America

Learn the actual price of opioid addiction in America. This article delves into both the tragic personal and emotional costs as well as the financial burden suffered by every American. It also highlights various sectors of costs, such as employment, justice, healthcare, and emergency services.


Karen Hadley in Drug Rehab
April 21, 2020

Is Drug Rehab Worth the Cost?

The cost of a good rehab can be daunting to a family… Foresight can save a family many tens of thousands of dollars and perhaps even lives.


Ren in Drug Education
July 7, 2019

Financial Disaster and Addiction—A Near Constant Connection

In our efforts to study, research, treat, and understand addiction, it is safe to say that we have learned quite a bit about the subject as a whole. One of the principles we’ve been able to arrive at is that addiction is not merely a crisis that comes out of nowhere and besets a person.


Ren in Effects on children
June 5, 2019

How Many Addicted Parents Have Kids Still Living at Home?

“New research shows more than 600,000 American parents with kids under 18 are addicted to opioids.” That was the headline that caught my eye from a May article in U.S. News . A sucker for headlines and statistic-based research, I clicked on the material and read it.


Ren in News
June 3, 2019

The True Cost of Addiction—Sex, Money and Corruption

60 medical experts are currently under federal charges for doling out highly addictive and potentially lethal opioid pharmaceuticals for money or sexual favors from addicts, or for cash incentives from crooked pharmacies.


The Real Cost of Marijuana—A 200 Billion Dollar Problem

Does marijuana use relieve nausea or cause it? For as many as 2.75 million people each year, it may cause not only nausea but also severe abdominal pain and intense vomiting. But the treatment is simple: Stop smoking pot.


Ren in Dealing with Addiction
December 10, 2018

The Dangers of “Exploring Oneself“ Through Drug Use

We live in a society that makes drug use “cool” and “hip.” Marijuana is the “cool” thing to do now, and people who pop pills at parties are a part of the “in” crowd.