Narconon Centers Around the World Celebrate 52nd Anniversary

Narconon - 52 years of saving lives

On Monday, February 19, 2018, the international Narconon network celebrated its fifty-second anniversary of helping those who were once addicted back to sober, healthier lives. In locations around the world, staff in Narconon centers paused in their work to reflect on the last five decades of life-saving work. Some centers chose to bring in a birthday cake for the occasion and others held a special graduation ceremony to mark the date.

Narconon UK
Narconon United Kingdom (Heathfield, East Sussex, England)

Anyone who has lived with or loved an addicted person knows what a challenging task it is to support that person while they leave their addicted pasts behind and discover brighter futures. It requires exceptional dedication. In Egypt, Russia, Taiwan, Italy, Mexico, Hungary, America, Turkey, Colombia and other countries, there are hundreds of Narconon staff who get up every morning to spend another day doing just that—guiding their students toward lasting sobriety.

From Narconon International, we wish to express our deepest gratitude to all the Narconon executives and staff around the world who have helped build this network of rehab centers to its current level of success.

Narconon Villa Victoria
Narconon Latin America (Villa Victoria, Mexico)

We have recently opened beautiful new centers in Clearwater, Florida; Ojai, California; Villa Victoria, Mexico; East Sussex, United Kingdom; and Helsinge, Denmark. There are more new centers in the planning stages. Without our dedicated staff and all our allies in governments, corporations, educational institutions and communities around the world, our success would not be possible.

A Shout-Out to the Families

Since the days of the first Narconon rehab center in a big white house in Los Angeles, families have sought us out to help them save the lives of their loved ones.

Narconon Nepal
Narconon Nepal

Over this fifty-two year period, families in far-flung corners of the world have chosen the Narconon drug rehabilitation program more than forty thousand times. In some cases, the addicted person had already been through five, ten or even more drug rehabs before walking through our doors. But their families refused to quit.

To those families who refused to give up despite everything, we send our thanks to you, too. So many of those who were overwhelmed by addiction never would have found us without your help.

To the Individuals Who Insisted on a Better Way

And then there are the individuals who refused to believe that they would “always be an addict.” Who rejected the idea that they needed more addictive substances when really, they wanted to experience life uninfluenced by any kind of drug. They knew the right rehab program was out there for them and they kept looking until they found us.

They found what they needed in the Narconon program. Some of them have stayed on to guide other people through their rehabilitation programs. Others went home to tell other people in need about us, They were also instrumental in our success and we send them our thanks as well.

In America alone, there are tens of millions of families struggling with the addiction of a loved one, whether it’s to alcohol, opioids, marijuana, stimulants or other substances. That’s far too many people addicted and far too many have lost their lives.

We are very proud of our 52-year history helping many people find their way safely back to sobriety. We look forward to our next 52 years of expansion and success saving lives.


Karen Hadley

For more than a decade, Karen has been researching and writing about drug trafficking, drug abuse, addiction and recovery. She has also studied and written about policy issues related to drug treatment.