Narconon History 2001

Internationally, the Narconon network experienced many leaps forward in 2001 – new centers delivering services, new drug education groups operating, and new interested contacts in academic and governmental circles. By the end of 2001, the Narconon drug rehabilitation programs were being delivered and Narconon drug education presentations were being given in thirty-two countries. Here are some details about that amazing year for Narconon expansion.


Narconon Taiwan Drug Rehab in 2001

Some months earlier, two Narconon Taiwan staff were sent to Narconon Chilocco in Oklahoma to start training on correct delivery of the Narconon program and the running of a standard center. When their training was complete, they returned to Taiwan and opened the doors of their new drug rehabilitation center. To start off, the premises were located on the grounds of a Buddhist temple. As they began delivering rehabilitation services, some of the nuns associated with the temple joined the students in their communication skills practice, and the temple master even paid them a visit.


After training at Narconon Chilocco to learn the withdrawal technology of the Narconon program, Benny Demar returned to Indonesia and began to deliver workshops on the Narconon First Step Program so addicts in Indonesia could safely be gotten through a tolerable withdrawal. Benny has made many contacts in the local government and has even delivered a communications skills workshop in one of the local drug rehabilitation centers.


Melbourne Drug Rehab in 2001

In Melbourne, Australia, the Narconon drug rehabilitation center there outgrew its premises and purchased a new building so it could expand delivery. They kicked off their preparations with a fundraising dinner and then recruited the additional staff they needed to be fully manned when the doors open. The new center, to open in 2002, will be located in a beautiful colonial-style building.

Also in Australia, tens of thousands of young people started being reached with new drug prevention activities. By the end of 2001, new groups in Queensland and New South Wales had already given presentations to thousands of students, attended anti-drug conferences and fairs and distributed 25,000 “Ten Things Your Friends May Not Know About Drugs” booklets.


Denmark Drug Rehab in 2001

Narconon Denmark was approved by the government of Denmark on their tax exemption which was a validation of the good they do for society. They have filled up their building with rehabilitation delivery services and began looking for a larger building for expansion.

In Sweden, Narconon Gotenburg continued to deliver drug education to schools in their area. In Malmo, students were surveyed and said they thought the Narconon drug education program was the best.

Narconon Dimitrovgrad in Russia created an alliance with the mayor and helped with the Mayor’s program to prevent drug use in Russian youth. They helped stage events and set up contests around drug-free themes. The Mayor even asked for them to adopt a park, renovate it and make it drug-free for the children in the area.


Narconon Drug Education Joberg in 2001

The new Narconon Johannesburg drug education group began delivering drug prevention services in the early part of the year and by the end, had reached 25,000 young South Africans. In response to requests for rehabilitation services, the Narconon staff began to staff up a rehab center, found a suitable building and began delivering the Narconon drug rehab before the end of 2001.

At Narconon Cape Town, the drug education group continued to reach more children in their area and created more alliances in Cape Town that would help expand Narconon Cape Town even further. And the very first drug education activities began in Ghana.


Canada Drug Rehab in 2001

In August, Narconon Montreal acquired a beautiful new property that would enable them to deliver far more services in a relaxing and private environment. The new facilities, composed of six buildings on a ten acre plot of land, measured a total of 60,000 square feet. By November, Narconon Montreal had moved into their new premises. The new facility would be renamed Narconon Trois-Rivieres.

Latin America

Narconon Brazil Drug Rehab in 2001

In Sao Paulo, Narconon Brazil continued their drug education activities but added a new rehabilitation center. With the help of supporters, they built a sauna and courserooms and welcomed their first students into the facility. They were greatly assisted in their delivery of the Narconon rehab program by the translation of Narconon materials into Brazilian Portuguese.

From Buenos Aires, two Narconon staff traveled to Narconon Mediterraneo in Seville, Spain to learn how to open and run a standard Narconon drug rehabilitation program. While they trained, the executive director of the Narconon activity in Argentina continued to make the Narconon rehabilitation known through presentations and radio appearances.

The new Narconon in Colombia has grown to twenty-three staff, including technical supervisors trained at the Narconon center in Sao Paulo. In addition to saving lives with the delivery of drug rehabilitation, staff have spread the word to the community through promotional activities and appearances on more than fifty radio shows.