Hope 2000 Conference Letter to President Narconon International

Hope 2000 Conference Letter to President Narconon International

Hope 2000 International Conference on HIV and Substance Abuse Prevention and Control. (Narconon history 2000)


Clark R.N. Carr,
Narconon International Inc.,
7060 Hollywood Boulevard,
Suite 220, Los Angeles,
California 90028,

Dated: 30th November 2000

Subject: Publication of your abstract in the hope 2000 Compendium of Transcripts

Dear Clark R.N.Carr,

We wish to place on record, our sincere gratitude to you for your gracious participation and presentation at hope2000 International Conference on HIV and Substance Abuse, which was one of the reasons that the conference was such a resounding success.

Our associates in the conference, namely United Nations Drug Control Programme, United Nations AIDS, National AIDS Control Organisation and the Ministry of Health, Government of India also join us in commending your selfless contribution to the cause.

We are proud to compliment you on the fact that your abstract will be forming an integral part of the hope2000 Compendium of Transcripts, which will be published by us in mid-January 2001.

The Honorable Prime Minister of India, has kindly consented to release the book on the 15th of January 2001.

This will form the 1st stage of the hope2000 Collaborated International Effort against HIV and Substance Abuse, to be launched on the basis of the wisdom, experience and expertise gained from the conference.

Accordingly, we trust that you have sent the abstract of your presentation, in the prescribed format (already forwarded to you by e-mail) to our address at hopeconference@yahoo.com

In case we do not receive it by 15th December 2000, we shall arrange to utilise the abridged version of your abstract, sent to us prior to the conference.

We thank you once again, and trust that this is the beginning of a long lasting and mutually rewarding association with your good self and your esteemed organisation.

With love, prayers and warm regards,

Dr.Yusuf Merchant