Letter to the Editor: Better Treatment than Methadone

letter to the editor - 1991

Better Treatment than Methadone

“Methadone treatment debated” (March 26), although it mentioned some of this narcotic’s addictive effects, did not mention how dangerous it really is or how there are much better answers for heroin addiction.

As a drug rehabilitation counselor for Narconon for 13 years, I have worked with over 100 heroin addicts as well as 11 people wanting to come off methadone. In detoxifying the heroin cases we had the remarkable success rate of over 95 percent. We accomplished this by using natural vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and B complex, which are destroyed by the body through the use of heroin.

Other natural methods were also incorporated. The physical withdrawal symptoms took an average of three days to dissipate. With the methadone cases recovery took nine to eleven days and was “torturous in comparison.” Methadone is a narcotic that is used and sold on the street. Its only “solution” is a financial one to addicts because the state has been conned into giving it out for free.

Bob Wiggins

Narconon of Malden